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Welcome Mother Room, and Vow to The Native Sound

Today, I could not be more proud to introduce you to the newest members of The Native Sound family, Mother Room, and Vow.

Hailing from Oakland, California, Mother Room is the brainchild of James Meuleners. Formed as a lo-fi bedroom project last October, Mother Room has since morphed into monster of a solo project whose debut LP – out this Spring, details TBA – is a challenging set of experimental drone movements teeming with atmospheric and nomadic undercurrents.

The upcoming LP was recorded almost entirely by Meuleners, and will serve as his debut release as Mother Room. Look out for more details, pre-orders, and tour dates in the coming weeks.

For now, listen to “Whole” off the forthcoming LP:

Also from California – this time, Los Angeles – is Vow. Consisting of vocalist Julia Blake, and instrumentalist Andrew Thomas, Vow have been known to dance along the genre lines of synth-pop, dream-pop, dark wave and post punk. Driven by drum machines and rich bass lines, Julia's soulful, and melodic alto vocals ooze on top of the analog pulsing synths and dreamy pads.

Vow will follow their outstanding self-released Make Me Young 7"EP with a second EP this summer via The Native Sound. The upcoming release will find the band transition from the darker textures of their debut, to more Cocteau Twins-inspired dynamics, implementing chorus-drenched guitars/bass, and palpable pop-informed vocal melodies. As with their debut, the EP will again feature Touché Amoré guitarist, and one-half of Andrew's ambient guitar duo, Wife, Nick Steinhardt on guitar. Steinhardt, who interestingly enough introduced Andrew and Julia to each other, will also take charge of all visual aspects relating to the band's upcoming EP.

More details will be available in the coming months, but for now, you can purchase/ stream their Make Me Young 7"EP here, listen to Julia sing on Touché Amoré’s “Blue Angels” here, and check out Andrew’s other project Wife here.

Here’s a sample of what to expect with “Palm” off the upcoming EP:

Posted on April 16th, 2014
Divino Niño's Pool Jealousy Out Now

Divino Niño's incredible Pool Jealousy LP is officially out today! Vinyl is in, and began shipping yesterday morning, and looks incredible. We could not be happier with how the physical records and packaging turned out. 

Pool Jealousy is available for download at the following outlets:

Google Play 

Vinyl details:

– Translucent Teal/ Black vinyl
– Uncoated, reverse board jacket
– 11"X11" printed insert
– 3MIL poly-bag

Chick here to purchase the vinyl, and receive an instant download of the album

Posted on April 8th, 2014
Tiny Mixtapes Premiere "Initials LV"; Bandcamp Pre-orders Live

Just two and a half weeks away from the release of Divino Niño's Pool Jealousy LP, Tiny Mixtapes has premiered "Initials LV". 

In conjunction with this, Bandcamp pre-orders are now live at a discounted price, and include immediate downloads of the songs "Pink Diamond", "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be", and "Initials LV".

Vinyl pre-orders, limited to just 300 copies (100 on Translucent Teal, and 200 on Black) are still available and also include your choice of digital download formats. 

Click here to stream "Initials LV" at Tiny Mixtapes, and here to pre-order Pool Jealousy at Bandcamp

Posted on March 21st, 2014
Chicagoist Premiere Divino Niño's "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be"

Head over to Chicagoist to stream/ download the new Divino Niño song, "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be". Like "Pink Diamond", which Big Takeover graciously premiered last month, the track comes off the band's upcoming debut LP, Pool Jealousy, out April 8th. Unlike "Pink Diamond", it plays more like a ballad to the aforementioned's upbeat slinky garage-psych. Chicagoist calls "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be" a "pretty, delicate little thing with much of the sound harkening out to western prairies and cowboy campfires", and the upcoming LP, "a simmering mid-tempo affair, filled with diaphanous melodies".

Click here to stream "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be" at, and here to pre-order the limited edition vinyl on Translucent Teal and Black variants.

UPDATE: You can now stream "It's Been Like It Never Used To Be" below: 

Posted on February 28th, 2014
Grey Zine Join The Native Sound; Release Destitution Compilation Cassette Tape/ Free Download

Today we could not be prouder to announce the signing of Grey Zine, and the release of their Destitution compilation. 

Hailing from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Grey Zine are lo-fi shoegaze at it's finest. An amalgamation of 90s stalwarts Ride and Seam, with a hint of emo’s American Football, Starflyer 59, and shoegaze contemporaries in Diiv and Weekend, Grey Zine have taken to describe their sound as simply, Breeze Punk. 

Since their formation in the Fall of 2011, the band has released a yearly series of demos, and most recently, a four-way split 7-inch with Anne, Creative Adult, and Self Defense Family this past Summer, as well as a split 7-inch with our very own Miserable last November (both via Run For Cover Records).

Destitution is an eight song compilation of the aforementioned demos, and is now available as a free download until March 3rd, and a limited edition mailorder-exclusive cassette tape, limited to just 100 copies. 

Grey Zine are currently at work on a new EP set for release this Spring, on The Native Sound.

Destitution is available for download at the following outlets:

Free Download (until March 3rd)
Google Play 

You can now listen to Destitution courtesy of BrooklynVegan here and download the release/ purchase the cassette tape.

Posted on February 25th, 2014