John Vanderslice's Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (Reissue), & Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues (Single) Out Now! Posted 19 May 2015

Both our reissue of John Vanderslice's Mass Suicide Occult Figurines, and the new single Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues are out now! All standard editions have shipped, and Deluxe LPs will be shipping within the next two weeks – the wrap-around jackets were delayed at the printers, but will be arriving shortly.

Mass Suicide Occult Figurines

Purchase LP / Deluxe LP:

Stream Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (Remastered) in full at the AV Club: 
Lengthy interview with Noisey on the 15-year anniversary:

Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues

Stream "Midnight Blue" at BrooklynVegan: 
Stream "Long Dark Blues (Songs: Ohia Cover) at Spin:

Google Play: 

Limited edition flexi disc featuring both songs is included in the Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (Reissue) Deluxe LP

Spin Premiers John Vanderslice's Cover of "Long Dark Blues" by Songs: Ohia Posted 04 May 2015

The great people at Spin Magazine just premiered John Vanderslice's cover of "Long Dark Blues", originally by Songs: Ohia, aka the late great Jason Molina. As you may know, the song comes off the "Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues" flexi disc, exclusive to our reissue of JV's debut LP Mass Suicide Occult Figurines.

John said this to Spin about the song:

I really dislike covers. Usually they are too deferent to the source, too timid. They need to be a reaction to or an undermining of the original. This song was originally commissioned for a Molina comp and was rejected; I wasn’t surprised… Everyone hears the confessional folk, the Oldham, and the On The Beach-era Neil Young in Molina. I heard the Pink Floyd, the drugs, and the loneliness.

Pre-order the deluxe edition of Mass Suicide Occult Figurines here (out May 19th), and listen to the song below:

Out Now: Former Ghosts/ Funeral Advantage – Split 7"/ Digital EP Posted 14 Apr 2015

Former Ghosts and Funeral Advantage's Split is out today! The 7"/ Digital EP is streaming in full at BrooklynVegan for those who want to give it a listen before purchasing. If you pre-ordered a copy, those have been shipping for over a week, so check your mailbox! Below you will find a list of digital outlets where you can download or stream the EP.

Google Play: 

Limited Edition 7":

Pressing info:
Translucent Red – 100
Black – 200

Noisey Interviews John Vanderslice; Premieres Remastered "Confusion Boats" Posted 13 Apr 2015

Noisey ran an incredible interview with John Vanderslice – among many things, it covered his relationship with his debut LP, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines 15 years later, his love of hip-hop, and of course thoughts on streaming platforms and BitTorrent. Read the interview here, and listen to their exclusive premiere of "Confusion Boats" remastered.

This of course follows news that on May 19th we will be reissuing Mass Suicide Occult Figurines on vinyl for the first time ever. Pressed at QRP, arguably the best plant in the country, the 12" will be released on 200 gram vinyl, feature brand new art from Joe Williams, and a download of the entire remastered record. A Deluxe Edition will also be available, including a hand-numbered slip cover, and double-sided 7" flexi disc featuring the new song, "Midnight Blue" and a cover of Songs: Ohia's "Long Dark Blues". Pre-order here.

Here's a few stand-out quotes from the interview:

On Mass Suicide: "... there’s a kind of reckless, I don’t know, intuitive kind of vibe that I hear on Mass Suicide that I don’t have anymore. And that’s fine, that’s evolving."

On Tidal, and streaming services: "I highly encourage everyone to Bittorrent records unless you’re buying records from independent artists. You should probably Bittorrent the new Rihanna record. [Laughs.]"

On recording new music: "I stopped ... When I almost flipped the van on tour, that’s what made me stop. Like “let’s not do this for a while.” I got back and thought, hey, I made ten records, what a fucking great run."

Funeral Advantage's "I Know Him" Streaming At Exclaim; Announces East Coast Tour with Soft Fangs Posted 25 Mar 2015

Earlier today, premiered the second song off of Funeral Advantage's side of their Former Ghosts split 7"/ digital EP, "I Know Him"! They called it, "a jangly, swirling guitar pop number, featuring hazy back-and-forth male and female vocals awash in layers of echoing reverb" (ps. those "female vocals" are Tyler, ha!).

If you haven't yet, pre-order the Former Ghosts/ Funeral Advantage split 7" at our webstore and iTunes.  Also check out our Starter Pack, including every single one of Funeral Advantage's past releases.

Funeral Advantage also announced a tour with Soft Fangs – check out the dates below:

April 8 – Jamaica Plain, MA – White Haus w/ Soft Fangs
April 9 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East w/ Whirr and Adventures
April 10 – New Brunswick, NJ – The Banana Stand w/ Soft Fangs
April 11 – Philadelphia, PA – The Nest w/ Soft Fangs
April 12 – College Park, MD – University of Maryland w/ Soft Fangs
April 13 – Arlington, VA – CD Cellar w/ Soft Fangs
April 14 – Boone, NC – Black Cat Burrito w/ Soft Fangs
April 15 – Savannah, GA – Turin Horse Hotel w/ Soft Fangs
April 16 – Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar w/ Soft Fangs

Announcing... John Vanderslice's "Mass Suicide Occult Figurines" Reissue; LP/ Deluxe LP Available For Pre-Order Posted 16 Mar 2015

Today we are ecstatic to announce the second entry in our ongoing Reissue Series, John Vanderslice's debut LP Mass Suicide Occult Figurines! The record will be out May 19th, and is currently available for pre-order!

John Vanderslice – Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (Reissue):

Over the past 15 years, John Vanderslice has released 10 full-length albums, numerous 7"s, EPs and splits, all the while maintaining an unbridled devotion to analog recording, and in the process, has become on of the most respected songwriters in indie rock. Known for the often-times political lyrical undertones, inventive and experimental take on pop, and for quite frankly being the nicest guy in indie music, John has managed to make this brand of music his life for the last decade and a half.

On May 19th, The Native Sound will reissue the record that started it all, John Vanderslice's debut LP, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines. Originally released by Barsuk Records in the year 2000, the record was celebrated by the then-burgoning MP3 blog culture, and bemoaned by Microsoft following an elaborate hoax in which John claimed the company had threatened legal action over the record’s cornerstone track, “Bill Gates Must Die”. Grounded in the guitars, and traditional rock structure of Vanderslice's previous band MK Ultra, the album serves as a preface to the quirkier, and more experimental leanings his future recordings would take – "Ambition and the opener "Confusion Boats" in particular, foreshadow what would soon become fully realized by his second LP.

Completely remastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering, this reissue marks the first time Mass Suicide Occult Figurines has ever been pressed on vinyl. Manufactured by Quality Record Pressing – undisputedly the best pressing plant in the country – on 200 gram vinyl, the 12" will be housed in a heavyweight jacket with brand new water-colored art created by Joe Williams, a polylined sleeve, and will include a digital download of the remastered songs. A deluxe edition is also available including expanded art on a hand-numbered and screen-printed wrap around slip cover. This edition will also include a bonus double-sided 7" flexi disc featuring the new song, "Midnight Blue" and "Long Dark Blues", a Songs: Ohia cover in tribute to the late Jason Molina.


Standard LP: 
- 12" (200 Gram) 
- Heavyweight jacket 
- Polylined sleeve 
- Digital download

Deluxe LP: 
- Standard LP 
- Screen-printed, wrap around slip cover (hand-numbered) 
- Double-sided 7" Flexi Disc featuring the new song, "Midnight Blue" and "Long Dark Blues", a Songs: Ohia cover (hand-numbered) 
- Digital download 

Click here to pre-order the 200 Gram 12" in standard and deluxe editions. We also have a Starter Pack including past John Vanderslice releases available in our webstore.

Former Ghosts' "Past Selves" (ft. Nika Roza & Jamie Stewart) Streaming At Self-Titled Mag; Split 7" with Funeral Advantage Now Available For Pre-Order Posted 05 Mar 2015

Today Self-Titled Mag premiered Former Ghosts' "Past Selves (feat. Nika Roza Danilova)" – one of the two songs contributed by Former Ghosts on their upcoming split 7" with Funeral Advantage!

Former Ghosts/ Funeral Advantage – Split 7":

Former Ghosts was Freddy Ruppert in collaboration with Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) and Yasmine Kittles (Tearist). Two full-length albums, a handful of tours, and six years since the project's inception, Freddy has decided to put an end to the band with two final songs – "Last Hour's Bow" and "Past Selves". Presented in the form of a 7" Split/ Digital EP with Funeral Advantage – the lo-fi dream-pop project of Tyler Kershaw, a close friend of Ruppert's – these two songs mark an end to the dark and oftentimes emotionally draining, experimental synth-pop Former Ghosts had become known for. 

"Last Hour's Bow" finds Freddy and Jamie together on a series of swirling and glitchy synths, while Yasmine vocally guides the pair. "Past Selves" on the other hand features Nika and Freddy both on vocals, harmonizing over a noisy soundscape equal parts fractious and atmospheric.

For Funeral Advantage's side, Tyler revisits "Wedding", a demo from the aptly titled debut, Demo, released by Disposable America in 2013. The song escapes it's lo-fi bedroom recording roots in this version and embraces the much more polished dream-pop sound of Funeral Advantage's recent offerings. “I Know Him” one of the band’s most upbeat song’s to date swirls with reverb and jangly guitar leads over a bass groove redolent of Andy Rourke and the Smiths.

This split release between Former Ghosts and Funeral Advantage will be available on April 14th as a digital EP, and a limited edition 7" pressed on Translucent Red and Black vinyl variants.

Pressing info:
Translucent Red – 100
Black – 200

Click here to pre-order the split 7", and here to subscribe to the Spring Split 7" Series (individual pre-orders for the other two splits will be available soon). We also have a Starter Pack including past Funeral Advantage releases available in our webstore.

Koji Annonces Full Band Tour with Such Gold Posted 26 Feb 2015

This Spring Koji will embark on his first full band tour since the summer of 2013! He'll be out as direct support for Such Gold, along with Brigades and Tommyy Boys. The tour will hit most of the east coast of the United States, and cities in Canada. Koji will be supporting his recent Struggletown-reissed Matters EP (which we originally issued on cassette tape), and the announcement that he has joined No Sleep Records for an upcoming full-length album. 

If you're just getting to know Koji, pick up this Starter Pack in our webstore, including his four EP, including splits with Into It. Over It. and La Dispute.

Out Now: Unconditional Arms/ Threading – Split 7"/ Digital EP Posted 24 Feb 2015

Unconditional Arms and Threading's Split is out today! The 7"/ Digital EP is streaming in full at Impose Magazine for those who want to give it a listen before purchasing. If you pre-ordered a copy, those should be going out within the next week or so – we're still waiting on the vinyl to come in from the plant. Below you will find a list of digital outlets where you can download or stream the EP.

Google Play: 

Pre-order 7":

Pressing info:
Milky Clear – 100
Black – 200

Funeral Advantage Joins The Native Sound; Music Video For "Not In My House" Streaming at Noisey; New Single/ Flexi Available Now Posted 17 Feb 2015

Today we are ecstatic to announce that Funeral Advantage has officially joined The Native Sound family. Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, Funeral Advantage is the brainchild of Tyler Kershaw. Formed in 2013 as a lo-fi bedroom pop project, releasing a demo tape and split 7" with Caténine on Disposable America, Funeral Advantage has since evolved into a full-fledged band including live/ touring members, and a busy schedule of releases this year. Having shared the stage with bands as diverse as Alvvays, Whirr, Craft Spells and Cloakroom, Funeral Advantage plays a brand of dream pop with roots in The Smith's grim, yet jangly guitars, and the reverb-drenched pop of current-day bands such as Beach Fossils and Real Estate.

First up and out now, is a double a-side single available both digitally, and as a limited edition hand-numbered 7" flexi disc, Not In My House / That's That. The single is available on iTunesAmazonBandcamp, and all other major digital stores worldwide. The flexi disc is available for pre-order at our webstore, and scheduled to ship within the next two weeks. We've also made a Starter Pack including the band's past releases available in our webstore in physical and digital bundles to help you catch up.

The music video for "Not In My House", directed by Justin Ziebell is now premiering at Noisey for those who want to preview the release. "Full of bare branches, rippling reflections and milky skies, the video feels a lot like home footage from the solo camping trip of self-discovery most people talk about doing but few have actually done", they say.

A split 7" with Former Ghosts will follow the single, and is currently available for pre-order within our Spring Split 7" Series subscription, with individual pre-orders to come next month, and an official release in April. Finally, Funeral Advantage's full-length debut album is also set for release via The Native Sound later this year. 

Pressing info:
Clear – 250 
Test pressing – 15 

Unconditional Arms' "Haunt" Streaming at BrooklynVegan; Band Announces Tour w/ Reptoid Posted 12 Feb 2015

Today BrooklynVegan premiered Unconditional Arms' contribution to their upcoming split 7" with Threading, the epic "Haunt". The song, written for Jeff's late-grandmother Constance was engineered, mixed and mastered in Oakland, CA by Jeff himself. BrooklynVegan called it "riveting instrumental post rock". Click here to listen.

Their split with Threading is due out February 24th as both a digital EP and limited edition 7". Pre-order the 7" here,  a Starter Pack including Threading's past releases here, or pre-order a subscription to our Spring Split 7" Series including the upcoming split releases from Former Ghosts and Funeral Advantage, and Planning For Burial and Mother Room here.

Unconditional Arms recently announced an upcoming tour with Reptoid which includes stops at the Treefort Music Festival, Catacomb Party Festival, and a special appearance at the Sentimental Sounds Book Release Party with Mother Room.

Upcoming tour dates:
Feb 20 – San Francisco, CA – The Honey Hive w/ Mother Room
Mar 27 – Sacramento, CA – Cafe Colonial w/ Reptoid
Mar 28 – Boise, ID – Treefort Music Festival
Mar 29 – Boise, ID – Treefort Music Festival 
Apr 1 – Santa Barbara, CA – Funzone w/ Reptoid
Apr 2 – Murrieta, CA – The Dial w/ Reptoid
Apr 3 – Fullerton, CA – Programme Skate and Sound w/ Reptoid
Apr 4 – Fresno, CA – Catacomb Party Festival w/ Reptoid
Apr 5 – Berkeley, CA – 924 Gilman w/ Reptoid

Brooklyn Vegan Premieres Threading's "Ember"; Unconditional Arms/ Threading Split 7" Available For Pre-order; Announcing Spring Split 7" Series Posted 21 Jan 2015

Today we are ecstatic to announce our next release, a split 7-inch between Unconditional Arms and Threading, as well as our Spring Split 7" Series featuring Former Ghosts, Funeral Advantage, Planning For Burial, and Mother Room. 

The good people at BrooklynVegan premiered Threading's "Ember" today – one of three songs on the the Unconditional Arms/ Threading split 7-inch. Click here to listen.

Unconditional Arms/ Threading – Split 7":

"From their geographic locations, to the timbre of their sounds, Unconditional Arms and Threading could not be more different. The former, based in Oakland, California, the latter coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. While Unconditional Arms is a post-rock band highly informed by Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, and redolent of contemporaries such as This Will Destroy You and Caspian, Threading are a shoegaze band through and through. Despite their very obvious nods to slowcore pioneers Codeine and Bedhead, Threading's major influence can be traced back to the ethereal and dreamy beginnings of shoegaze. What Unconditional Arms and Threading do have in common though, is the ability to transcend genre labels, and create soundscapes that are both strongly evocative, and boisterous all at once.

Over the course of Threading's two contributions ("Fume" and "Ember"), and Unconditional Arms' epic six-minute movement ("Haunt") the two bands prove to be the perfect pairing for this split 7"/ digital EP, and The Native Sound's first entry in their Spring Split Series for 2015.

This split release between Unconditional Arms and Threading will be available on February 24th as a digital EP, as well as a limited edition 7" pressed on Milky Clear and Black vinyl variants."

Pressing info:
Milky Clear – 100
Black – 200

Click here to pre-order the split 7", and here to subscribe to the Spring Split 7" Series (individual pre-orders for the other two splits will be available soon). We also have "Starter Packs" including past Unconditional Arms and Threading releases available in our webstore.

Unconditional Arms tour dates:
Feb. 20th: The Honey Hive - San Francisco, CA w/ Mother Room
Mar. 28th: Treefort Music Festival - Boise, ID
Apr. 4th: Catacomb Party Festival - Fresno, CA

Threading tour dates:
Feb. 14th: Flint, MI – Soggy Bottom
Feb. 26th: Grand Rapids, MI – Full House
Feb. 27th: Toledo, OH  – Ottawa Tavern
Feb. 28th: Pittsburgh, PA - TBA
Mar. 1st: Washington DC - TBA
Mar 2nd: Richmond, VA - TBA
Mar. 3rd: Charlotte, NC @ Odd Room