Live At Santo

October 23, 2015 · NATIVE 020

On July 17th 2015, experimental post-rockers Unconditional Arms performed two sets encompassing their thus far short, yet prolific run. Pulling from their catalog of various 7” singles, tapes, and the 12”LP that served as the impetus for the band, Unconditional Arms performed to an intimate audience at Santo Studios, in their hometown of Oakland, CA.

Weaving through their equally emotive but ultimately disparate releases, the band effortlessly recounts the last two years with eight songs over two sets. From the subtle, dreamy grooves of “Haunt", to the quiet, delicate whispers of “Conscious Whirr", and the noisy and absolutely crushing crescendos of “No Nerves", Live at Santo is Unconditional Arms at their best – live and unabridged.

Filmed and recorded by some of the best audio and video engineers in the Bay Area and LA, Live at Santo is both a live film, and album.

Body Is Dead (Demos)

September 23, 2015 · NATIVE 016

A collection of demos from Funeral Advantage's Body Is Dead album, Body Is Dead (Demos) gives a glimpse into Tyler's writing and recording process.

After two years, and multiple EPs and split releases, Body Is Dead marked the band's debut album. Following on the heels of his most popular release, in the split 7" with Former Ghosts, Body Is Dead incorporated many of the electronic and indie rock elements of that release, but infused a deeper semblance of pop. This collection of 10 new songs were without a doubt the catchiest and dreamiest thus far. Body Is Dead was released digitally, on limited edition 12" vinyl, and cassette pressings both here in the United States, and in Japan.

You Are Never Enough EP

September 18, 2016 · NATIVE 018

Threading are a shoegaze band through and through. Despite their very obvious nods to slowcore pioneers Codeine and Bedhead, Threading's major influence can be traced back to the ethereal and dreamy beginnings of shoegaze. Formed only last year in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Threading have already released two EPs, a split 7” with Unconditional Arms, and have shared the stage with the likes of Nothing, Pity Sex, Touché Amoré, and Pianos Become the Teeth, all in a relatively short period of time.

This Fall will see the release of You Are Never Enough, their third EP. By far their strongest offering yet, the five song collection brings together the heavy and forthright aspects of their Azure EP, with the hazily ambient vocals of their Willing In Woe EP.

Pressing info:
White – 100

Halloween Dream (Demos)

September 4, 2015 · NATIVE 013

A limited edition cassette tape including demos for all four Halloween Dream songs, and the bonus song "Palmistry Notes".

Pressing info:

Grey – 100

Body Is Dead

August 28, 2015 · NATIVE 015

After two years, and multiple EPs and split releases, Funeral Advantage is finally here with a debut full-length album. Titled after the 10-minute long closing track, Body Is Dead serves as an excellent introduction to indie/ dream-pop of Tyler Kershaw, and an even better continuation of his past work. Following on the heels of his most popular release, in the split 7" with Former Ghosts, Body Is Dead incorporates many of the electronic and indie rock elements of that release, but infuses a deeper semblance of pop. This collection of 10 new songs is without a doubt the catchiest and dreamiest thus far. Body Is Dead will be released on August 28th, both digitally and on limited edition 12" vinyl.

Pressing info:

Test press – 4

Dirt Maroon – 100
Black – 200

Cassette Tape (Disposable America – USA) – 100
Cassette Tape (Miles Apart Records – Japan) – 100

Planning For Burial / Mother Room

July 21, 2015 · NATIVE 010

A split 7" between Planning For Burial and Mother Room.

Pressing info:
Coke Bottle Clear – 100
Black – 200

Midnight Blue / Long Dark Blues

May 19, 2015 · NATIVE 014

Bonus flexi disc included in the deluxe edition of John Vanderslice's Mass Suicide Occult Figurines.

Mass Suicide Occult Figurines (Reissue)

May 19, 2015 · NATIVE-RE 002

On May 19th, The Native Sound will reissue the record that started it all, John Vanderslice's debut LP, Mass Suicide Occult Figurines. Originally released by Barsuk Records in the year 2000, the record was celebrated by the then-burgoning MP3 blog culture, and bemoaned by Microsoft following an elaborate hoax in which John claimed the company had threatened legal action over the record’s cornerstone track, “Bill Gates Must Die”. Grounded in the guitars, and traditional rock structure of Vanderslice's previous band MK Ultra, the album serves as a preface to the quirkier, and more experimental leanings his future recordings would take – "Ambition and the opener "Confusion Boats" in particular, foreshadow what would soon become fully realized by his second LP.

Completely remastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering, this reissue marks the first time Mass Suicide Occult Figurines has ever been pressed on vinyl. Manufactured by Quality Record Pressing – undisputedly the best pressing plant in the country – on 200 gram vinyl, the 12" will be housed in a heavyweight jacket with brand new water-colored art created by Joe Williams, a polylined sleeve, and will include a digital download of the remastered songs. A deluxe edition is also available including expanded art on a hand-numbered and screen-printed wrap around slip cover. This edition will also include a bonus double-sided 7" flexi disc featuring the new song, "Midnight Blue" and "Long Dark Blues", a Songs: Ohia cover in tribute to the late Jason Molina.

Former Ghosts / Funeral Advantage

April 14, 2015 · NATIVE 011

Former Ghosts was Freddy Ruppert in collaboration with Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus), Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu) and Yasmine Kittles (Tearist). Two full-length albums, a handful of tours, and six years since the project's inception, Freddy has decided to put an end to the band with two final songs – "Last Hour's Bow" and "Past Selves". Presented in the form of a 7" Split/ Digital EP with Funeral Advantage – the lo-fi dream-pop project of Tyler Kershaw, a close friend of Ruppert's – these two songs mark an end to the dark and oftentimes emotionally draining, experimental synth-pop Former Ghosts had become known for.

"Last Hour's Bow" finds Freddy and Jamie together on a series of swirling and glitchy synths, while Yasmine vocally guides the pair. "Past Selves" on the other hand features Nika and Freddy both on vocals, harmonizing over a noisy soundscape equal parts fractious and atmospheric.

For Funeral Advantage's side, Tyler revisits "Wedding", a demo from the aptly titled debut, Demo, released by Disposable America in 2013. The song escapes it's lo-fi bedroom recording roots in this version and embraces the much more polished dream-pop sound of Funeral Advantage's recent offerings. “I Know Him” one of the band’s most upbeat song’s to date swirls with reverb and jangly guitar leads over a bass groove redolent of Andy Rourke and the Smiths.

This split release between Former Ghosts and Funeral Advantage will be available on April 14th as a digital EP, and a limited edition 7" pressed on Translucent Red and Black vinyl variants.

Pressing info:
Test Press – 20

Translucent Red – 100
Black – 100

Unconditional Arms / Threading

February 24, 2015 · NATIVE 009

From their geographic locations, to the timbre of their sounds, Unconditional Arms and Threading could not be more different. The former, based in Oakland, California, the latter coming out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. While Unconditional Arms is a post-rock band highly informed by Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai, and redolent of contemporaries such as This Will Destroy You and Caspian, Threading are a shoegaze band through and through. Despite their very obvious nods to slowcore pioneers Codeine and Bedhead, Threading's major influence can be traced back to the ethereal and dreamy beginnings of shoegaze. What Unconditional Arms and Threading do have in common though, is the ability to transcend genre labels, and create soundscapes that are both strongly evocative, and boisterous all at once.

Over the course of Threading's two contributions ("Fume" and "Ember"), and Unconditional Arms' epic six-minute movement ("Haunt") the two bands prove to be the perfect pairing for this split 7"/ digital EP, and The Native Sound's first entry in their Spring Split Series for 2015.

This split release between Unconditional Arms and Threading will be available on February 24th as a digital EP, as well as a limited edition 7" pressed on Milky Clear and Black vinyl variants.

Pressing info:

Milky Clear – 100
Black – 200

Test Pressing – 20


August 21, 2015 · NATIVE 017

Lost Film is the minimalist guitar pop project of Jimmy Hewitt based in Northampton, MA. Having formerly gone by the moniker of Orca Orca, Jimmy's output of electronic-based pop was prolific. Now he's back with Imago – an incredible collection of 10 songs recorded over a weekend in Boston, and incidentally, after 10+ years of song-writing and recording under countless monikers, it's Jimmy's first ever full-length release. Unlike his past material Imago was recorded with the help of a live band, allowing Jimmy to reintroduce Lost Film as a pure, indie rock project redolent to Death Cab for Cutie, Rilo Kiley and even Yo La Tengo.

Pressing info:
Golden Yellow – 100

Not In My House / That's That

February 17, 2015 · NATIVE 012

Hailing out of Boston, Massachusetts, Funeral Advantage is the brainchild of Tyler Kershaw. Formed in 2013 as a lo-fi bedroom pop project, releasing a demo tape and split 7" with Caténine on Disposable America, Funeral Advantage has since evolved into a full-fledged band including live/ touring members, and a busy schedule of releases this year. Having shared the stage with bands as diverse as Alvvays, Whirr, Craft Spells and Cloakroom, Funeral Advantage plays a brand of dream pop with roots in The Smith's grim, yet jangly guitars, and the reverb-drenched pop of current-day bands such as Beach Fossils and Real Estate.

The band's first release with The Native Sound is a double a-side single available both digitally, and as a limited edition hand-numbered 7" flexi disc, titled Not In My House / That's That. The single is available on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and all other major digital stores worldwide. The flexi disc is scheduled to ship within the next two weeks.

Pressing info:

Clear – 250, Hand-numbered
Test Pressing – 15

Make Me Yours EP

August 12, 2014 · NATIVE 008

Make Me Yours finds the band transitioning from the darker textures of their debut, to more Cocteau Twins-inspired dynamics, implementing chorus-drenched guitars/bass, and palpable pop-informed vocal melodies. As with their debut, the EP will again feature Touché Amoré guitarist, and one-half of Andrew's ambient guitar duo, Wife, Nick Steinhardt on guitar. Steinhardt, who interestingly enough introduced Andrew and Julia to each other, also took charge of all visual aspects relating to the band's EP.

Make Me Yours will be available on August 12th as both a digital download, and limited edition 12” vinyl record. The vinyl will be pressed on three variants (Clear with Pink Splatter, Light Pink, and Black), include an uncoated jacket with interior printing, black inner-sleeves, and a 3MIL poly-bag, with an initial pressing of just 300 copies. Exclusive to the vinyl release will be three bonus remix tracks from Anne, Quixotism, and maxm0.

Pressing info:

Clear with Pink Splatter – 50
Light Pink – 100
Black – 150

Test Pressing – 20

Some Small Way (Reissue)

July 15, 2014 · NATIVE-RE 001

Before Crooked In My Mind, and splits with Into It. Over It. and La Dispute, there was Some Small Way – Koji’s first recorded material with a backing band, and a stand-out release in his still growing catalog. This EP, initially released on CD by Boston’s Run For Cover Records followed a pair of self-released acoustic 7”s, CD-Rs, and a live disc, and found Koji embracing the upbeat indie-rock of Superchunk and Ted Leo over the quiet acoustics of his past releases.

Over the course of Some Small Way’s five tracks, Koji's penchant for dynamic song-writing and engrossing lyrical content was fully realized with the help of long-time collaborators Chris Sigda, Jim Tomlinson, Dave Goletz, Willie Rose, and on the final song, Into It. Over It.’s Evan Weiss.

This reissue of Koji’s Some Small Way marks the first time the EP will be available on vinyl, and The Native Sound's first entry in an ongoing reissue series. Some Small Way will be released on July 15th, over three limited edition variants of 180 Gram single-sided 12” vinyl (ultra clear, translucent blue, and classic black) with an uncoated reverse board jacket, black poly-lined inner sleeve, and 3 MIL poly bag.

Pressing info:

Test Pressing – 20

Black (180 Gram) – 100
Ultra Clear (180 Gram) – 150
Translucent Blue (180 Gram) – 250

Dove / Fond Affections

June 17, 2014 · NATIVE 007

Building on the haunting folk of 2013’s Degrida / Sick Bed single, “Dove” is a slow-burning, muscular, and above all, monstrous song. Clocking in at over 15 minutes, it is by far the most emotive of Kristina’s recent compositions. “Fond Affections”, a cover of the classic Rema-Rema song follows, and although it is slightly less expansive in it’s seven minute run-time, it is equally powerful and poignant. Kristina’s take on the 4AD standard made popular by This Mortal Coil is nothing short of gorgeous – a true testament to her development as a songwriter, and a hint of what’s to come from this project’s future releases.

Dove / Fond Affections will be available on June 17th as both a digital download and on a limited edition cassingle. The cassette tape will be pressed on three variants (White, Clear, and Purple), each limited to just 50 copies, fit with a three-panel J-card. The cassingle will also include a bonus track – B. Wild’s remix of “Dove”.

Pressing info:

First press:
Purple – 50
White – 50
Clear – 50

Second press:
Translucent Purple – 100


June 3, 2014 · NATIVE 006

Hailing from Oakland, California, Mother Room is the brainchild of James Meuleners. Formed as a lo-fi bedroom project last October, Mother Room has since morphed into monster of a solo project whose debut LP, Scorched is a challenging set of experimental drone movements teeming with atmospheric and nomadic undercurrents.

In the vein of Dirty Beaches and Forest Swords, Scorched finds Meuleners fusing elements of drone and noise with gothic, and at times even pop intonations into swelling suites of disorienting distortion. Scorched was recorded almost entirely by Meuleners, and will serve as his debut release as Mother Room.

Scorched will be available on June 3rd on a limited edition cassette tape, and your choice of digital download formats. Cassette editions will be pressed on red shells, and come packaged in a Five-Panel J Card, and black case.

Pressing Info:

Red – 100

Pool Jealousy

April 8, 2014 · NATIVE 004

Over the twelve tracks on Pool Jealousy, Divino Niño expand on the romantic naivety of their positively upbeat, yet laid back "Bottle Demon" single, and experiment with washed out reverb, world percussion, dreamy psych-informed guitar riffs, and throw in some beautifully lush vocal harmonies for good measure.

Pool Jealousy will be released April 8th, on limited edition vinyl variants, and your choice of digital download formats. Vinyl editions will be available on translucent teal and classic black vinyl, with an uncoated reverse board jacket, and printed insert.

Pressing Info:

Test Pressing – 20

Translucent Teal – 100
Black – 200


February 25, 2014 · NATIVE 005

Hailing from Northeastern Pennsylvania, Grey Zine are lo-fi shoegaze at it's finest. An amalgamation of 90s stalwarts Ride and Seam, with a hint of emo’s American Football, Starflyer 59, and shoegaze contemporaries in Diiv and Weekend, Grey Zine have taken to describe their sound as simply, Breeze Punk.

Since their formation in the Fall of 2011, the band has released a yearly series of demos, and most recently, a four-way split 7-inch with Anne, Creative Adult, and Self Defense Family this past Summer, as well as a split 7-inch with our very own Miserable last November (both via Run For Cover Records).

Destitution is an eight song compilation of the aforementioned demos, and is now available as a free download until March 3rd, and a limited edition mailorder-exclusive cassette tape, limited to just 100 copies.

Pressing Info:

White Putty – 100

Halloween Dream EP

February 18, 2014 · NATIVE 003

Kristina Esfandiari is Miserable. Former vocalist of Bay Area shoegazers, Whirr, Kristina writes and performs a brand of moving and evocative music that oozes with nostalgia – and the Halloween Dream EP is no different. Over the course of four tracks, Esfandiari’s powerful voice and poignant compositions swell into soundscapes both haunting and wistful.

Building on the momentum of her Run For Cover-issued 7-inch split with PA’s Grey Zine, Halloween Dream finds Kristina experimenting with muscular riffs ("Bell Jar") and sparse instrumentation ("Spinning") – new territory for the songwriter, but seemingly comfortable all the same.

Halloween Dream, Miserable's first release with The Native Sound will be available on February 18th as both a digital download and on a limited edition, hand-numbered Ultra Clear 7-inch with Gold Haze.

Pressing Info:

First press:
Test Press – 15
Ultra Clear w/ Gold Haze – 300, Hand-numbered

Second press:
Milky Clear w/ Orange Splatter – 200
Opaque Orange – 300

Matters EP

November 12, 2013 · NATIVE 002

For over five years, Andrew Shiraki (known to most as Koji), has toured and promoted a handful of EPs, 7-inch singles and full-length splits with the likes of Into It. Over It. and La Dispute in the most DIY way possible – on the road, performing in the basements, VFW halls and clubs of the world, armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and his voice.

After signing to Boston’s Run For Cover Records in the fall of 2010, landing tours with artists as diverse as Never Shout Never, Code Orange Kids, and even the Vans Warped Tour, Koji released his much anticipated debut full-length album, Crooked In My Mind in April of this year. Playing alongside members of Balance And Composure, Title Fight, and the Lauryn Hill band, Crooked In My Mind proved that Koji’s brand of passionate, and socially conscious punk-informed pop-rock was ready for a larger audience.

On November 12th, while touring the United Kingdom and Europe with Into It. Over It. and Slingshot Dakota, Koji will release Matters – an EP produced, engineered and mixed by Will Yip at the legendary Studio 4 in Pennsylvania during their initial 2011 demo sessions. The four songs, available as a digital download and limited edition cassette tape bring to mind the stripped-down acoustic stylings of his initial releases, whilst incorporating the striking strings and soulful intricacies that would later make their way onto his debut LP.

Pressing Info:

Navy Blue – 50 (Tour Exclusive)
White – 50
Green – 100

Clear – 50 (Some Small Way Bundle Exclusive)
Black – 100

Song For Clay Miller / Vitas At Wimbledon

August 8, 2013 · NATIVE 001

Earlier this year, John Vanderslice’s extraordinarily successful Kickstarter campaign raised nearly $80,000 allowing him to self-release his highly praised ninth full-length album, Dagger Beach, and the experimental, track-by-track cover of David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs. Of the many rewards issued to backers of this project – which included vinyl records, original 1/2” master tapes, and even personalized songs – the most unique was “Song For Clay Miller”, a song written for, and released exclusively to the 1,200 supporters of his campaign.

Now, “Song For Clay Miller” along with “Vitas At Wimbledon” (an unreleased outtake from Vanderslice’s 2009 LP Romanian Names) is available as a double a-side single pressed on a limited edition 7-inch flexi disc. The songs were re-mastered for the physical pressing by TW Walsh (Pedro The Lion, Sufjan Stevens, Benjamin Gibbard, Cold War Kids).

Pressing Info:

Test Pressing (Version 1 – White, with labels) – 5
Test Pressing (Version 2 – Clear, without labels) – 10

Translucent Yellow – 100
White – 200
Translucent Green (Dagger Beach Kickstarter Backer exclusive) – 225, Hand-numbered