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Sheer to Release 'Psychic Quarry' EP; "Shut It Off" Streaming at GoldFlakePaint

Posted on March 8th, 2017

At long last, we're excited to announce Sheer's new EP, 'Psychic Quarry'! The new EP follow's 2015's 'Uneasy' LP and will be released April 28th. The first single, "Shut It Off" is streaming at GoldFlakePaint.

With their new EP, 'Psychic Quarry', Sheer embrace a change that finds the band at their most relaxed and inspired. While their debut LP 'Uneasy' introduced the band as one with a kinship for dreamy, reverb-induced soundscapes, 'Psychic Quarry' is a much more catchy, and indie rock-informed affair.

The six songs on 'Psychic Quarry' cover a lot of ground – feelings of anxiety and depression, the vulnerability of intimacy, and even the post-election shock many of found ourselves coping with.

Pre-order 'Psychic Quarry' now!

Out Now: Funeral Advantage – Please Help Me; Streaming in Full At Impose

Posted on February 24th, 2017

Funeral Advantage's incredible new EP, 'Please Help Me' is officially out today! Impose is streaming it in full – they call it "a dreamy and meditative trip to hell and back". Pick up the LP, tape, or stream/ download at the links below!

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Funeral Advantage Premiere "Please Help Me" at PopDust

Posted on January 31st, 2017

Listen to the title track from Funeral Advantage's 'Please Help Me' EP streaming now at PopDust!

"The title track plays with classic dream pop convention to create a floaty track that's as piercing as it is soothing. Kershaw's vocals, marked by a hushed tone, works as a resigned whisper in a song that's bursting with energy."

Please Help Me is out February 24th. Pre-order it here!

Funeral Advantage to Release 'Please Help Me' EP; "CEOT7K" Streaming at Consequence of Sound

Posted on January 11th, 2017

Today we're excited to finally announce Funeral Advantage's new EP, 'Please Help Me'. The new EP follows 2015's 'Body Is Dead' LP and will be released on February 24 on limited vinyl and cassette tapes. The first single "CEOT7K" is streaming at Consequence of Sound.

Funeral Advantage have been mostly hermetic since the release of 'Body Is Dead', the band’s 2015 debut album. With the exception of some sporadic touring through the US and Canada, Tyler Kershaw (Funeral Advantage’s sole member) has kept to himself, writing and recording what would be the next chapter of Funeral Advantage – a new EP entitled ‘Please Help Me’.

If 'Body Is Dead' came from a place of hope, 'Please Help Me' comes from a place of desolation and confusion. Written during the disintegration of a long term relationship, the record works through the existential feelings of hopelessness and meaninglessness that followed.

Pre-order 'Please Help Me' now!